Get in touch for full details of what is and what is not covered.Health insurance is usually designed to cover treatment of new medical conditions that begin after you join. Your cover for treatment for conditions you were aware of or had already had when you joined depends on what you told us about medical history when you joined.What is a pre existing condition? A pre existing condition is any disease, illness or injury that:you have received medication, advice or treatment for in the five years before the start of your cover, oryou have experienced symptoms of in the five years before the start of the cover: whether or not the condition was diagnosed.Cover of pre existing conditions is also dependent on the type of underwriting terms you join on. There are three different types of underwriting:Full medical underwriting we ask you for any pre existing conditions before you join and we then work out what you will be covered for or not (this will be shown on your membership certificate)Medical history disregarded we accept any pre existing conditions (normally only if you are switching from another provider or are part of a business scheme)Moratorium we won’t cover you for treatment of medical problems you had in the five years before you joined us until you’ve been a member for two years in a row and have been trouble free from that condition for two yearsWe always recommend that you ask your GP for an open referral.

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